The art of low VOC painting

PAINTING Guys are leading in "green promise" "eco friendly" painting capable of high end results using low VOC paints.

Green painter, Prince George, BC Canada

The evolving environmentally friendly painting & decorating business has evolved from the days of solvent based/alkyds to zero VOC acrylic and hybrid paints.

Each generation of paint requires proper tools and workflow skill. The days of having a cigarette break between a wall are long gone. You can't pause very long between sections (wall, trim whatever) with the new fast drying "high quality" low to zero VOC paints. See extender

To our experience, the higher quality green friendly paint, the faster it seems to dry. We've noticed people who complain most about low VOC paint are slower.

The most common problem we see from fast drying paint is called flashing. Those who can't or don't like to paint quickly tend to blame the paint as fault, when it's actually how slow they are, thus... over-working the paint which creates roller lines, orange peer etc.  Failing to adjust our technique to fit the humidity and "open-time" for the brand of paint being applied is a common reason why you might like a paint or you don't.

Green friendly paint (example Benjamin Moore Aura) definitely demands the new VOC skill to achieve professional results.

Being aware of flash time and having the skill to lay paint out without pause, being able to brush (cut) straight lines fast and smooth produce "flash-free" results. Speed and top physical condition is the key to high end, low VOC painting.

General rules to zero VOC painting:

  1. Learn about the open time (flash)  how fast your low voc paint product dries.  Choose the paint you are able to keep up with (speed). NOTE: LOW water-based VOC paint dry fast.

  2. Prepare better than you ever have! We are leaving the slow drying oil generation. Make sure all your cut lines are clean and evenly grooved.

  3. Avoid caulking mess, dirty drywall, junk in the way, anything that will create pause. Pausing is your enemy. 

  4. Flood coat corner to corner.

  5. Brush or roll out before the flash.

  6. Don't pause between sections. "don't pause, don't pause, don't pause".

Benjamin Moore Paint (preferably Aura) is the leader in excellent looking, ZERO VOC paint. If you want the best results, hire professional and you will be thrilled how great eco friendly paint looks, feels and last.

Benjamin Moore painter, Prince George, BC Canada


The tips I share throughout this website are what I find  has been working best for me. What is you take on VOC paint.

All comments and questions are welcome here or on the. Forum


VOC is in the pigments as well as in the base. Companies claim to be zero VOC but they still use the generic toxic pigments made for all the painting companies.

Benjamin Moore however... makes their own zero voc pigment that locks into the base. 

There is no reason to buy cheaper brands ... simply put... you cannot be one without the other. Meaning, you can't be a great zero VOC painter using cheap paint. It doesn't exist.  Cheaper paint take more coats (more product) to do what you can do with better formulated paint. "Less is more".

Cheaper paints have more water, gel and pollutants. They take more time to dry and more coats to seal the surface. They powder off and fail sooner.