Should I paint my kitchen cabinets?

Painting kitchen cabinets is a great idea!

Why paint kitchen cabinets (before after) PAINTING Guys

  • Most kitchen cabinets can be beautifully refinished, painted or repurposed!
  • If you are happy with the layout of your kitchen but simply put, dislike the colour of your cupboards ... professionally painted cabinets will without question make them look new and modern again!
  • Most older cabinets have similar door profiles to today’s modern cabinets. Updating hardware and painting your cabinets a modern colour will instantly give a fresh new look again!
  • Older cabinets are often better made to new cabinetry, why replace when you can simply paint them to look new again.
  • The money saved from painting cabinets allows more renovation $$$ to be put towards updated counter-tops, flooring, kitchen appliances etc.
  • Professionally spray painted cabinets not only look great, they add substantial $ value to your home.
  • Kitchen cabinet painting is fast, affordable and effective. (average start to finish in 5 to 10 days).
  • No messy construction.

Above is a great example as to why the owners choose to paint these kitchen cabinets! Look at the transformation. From a dark and dreary burgundy to a clean bright look in 10 days.