Skilled Painters Work Together

Are you a good painter or "painting contractor"?

Check This Out!

If you have a customer that has those older dated oak cabinets and would love to have a new kitchen but can't afford new.... This is the idea solution for them and you. A win win for everyone!

Lets collaborate together on the kitchen cabinets. Together we will transform kitchen cabinets into beautiful modern looking ones in a matter of days.

PAINTING Guys will  pick up the cabinet doors and drawers, spray them in our shop and bring them back to you looking fantastic, ready to install.

While the doors and drawers are being  refinished, you paint the face frames and side panels (the outer shell attached to the walls).   In 4 days or less,  your customers will have a kitchen face lift that will put a smile on everyone's face! 

NOTE: If you are interested in alternative ways to pay, please ask as we are happy to barter in exchange for our services.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, give the PAINTING Guys a Call or Text 780-815-3039

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