BEAR MOUNTAIN kitchen cabinet refinishing

Langford kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing.

Specializing in refinishing Bear Mountain cabinets built in the last 10 years with finishes cracking and chipping off.

PAINTING Guys are refinishing the defective and failing paint coming off kitchen cabinets built in the last 10 years in Bear Mountain, Langford BC. See video

(paint coming off drawers and drawers)

Bear Mountain kitchen cabinets refinishing, Langford BC

It’s not cheap to fix bad finishing like this but in comparison to replacing your entire kitchen, or even just to doors and drawer fronts... repainting them is thousands $ less to replacing.

Below is an example of what we just refinished.

Langford BC kitchen cabinets refinishing- Bear Mountain

Langford kitchen cabinets painting refinishing

Refinished Bathroom Cabinets

Langford -Bear Mountain bathroom cabinet refinishing


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