Choose the right kitchen cabinet painter

Choose The Right PAINTER

Below is an example of paint peeling off this maple kitchen door due to incorrect prep, procedure and paint application. There are over 100 doors and drawers to this Bear Mountain kitchen that are all subject to paint lifting and flaking off. Whomever did the finishing work DID NOT prime these cabinets.

We are on our 40th year painting homes and cabinets. We sand into the bare wood so the bonding primers hold. Whomever built these cabinets in the greater Victoria area (Bear Mountain), did a terrible job prepping and painting these. In fact, they were not primed and the finish is extremely soft.

Cabinet painting like this, makes it harder for those whom are doing it right.

I'm sure there are thousands of new cabinets in the greater Victoria area just like this, where paint is coming off for no reason at all.  If this happening to your cabinets, Victoria PAINTING Guys are a great choice for quality cabinet refinishing  ? See

THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN TO NEW CABINETS! But if it does... we can refinish them to look new again.

Langford kitchen cabinet refinishing - Victoria BC

Refinishing a maple cabinet door starts with sanding and cleaning.

Restoring Bear Mountain Cabinets - Victoria BC