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The best advertising is word of mouth and positive testimonials from our clients. We believe in superior service and strive to earn the respect and referrals from everyone who meets us or see's our workmanship. 

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Dr. Dale Best

Mon, 11/23/2015 - 11:06

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Dear Chris: We just want to thank you so much for your superb paint job that you completed in the interior of our home. We have had various painters over the years do work for us, and no one has even come close to the professional work that you demonstrated. Your ceiling/wall interface is flawless; the walls are smooth due to your meticulous preparation work; there was no paint splashed on cupboards or floors; the various colours and designs requested by our daughters for their rooms were brushed and rolled like an artist. You offered wonderful painting/colour/paint brand suggestions, without being too pushy. You were consistently punctual and delivered what you promised! What more can we say - You are a real pro with a pleasant personality and an accommodating smile! We will be calling you again and will highly recommend you to others! Already people have asked us, "Who did your excellent paint job?" Gratefully yours, Dr. Dale Best North Vancouver, BC
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