Costs to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

How much will it cost to have your kitchen cabinets professionally painted?

Every kitchen we paint involves a process of cleaning, sanding, priming and spray finishing, including detailed hand painting. We always spray doors and drawer in our shop and always hand finish detailed areas on location. DRYING RACKS and exhaust fans are essential equipment to achieve our factory smooth finish. (Even though we could spray areas in your home, we never do!)  Both spray and hand painting are essential steps in achieving pro results. The combination of both hand and spray painting is why our finished kitchen cabinets look so beautiful.

We don't just charge based on how many cabinet doors or drawers you have.  Costs are based on:

  1. Condition of wood
  2. Type of wood
  3. Door profile
  4. If any painting is required inside cabinet boxes (examples: behind glass doors, microwave box etc)
  5. Glass doors
  6. Open shelving
  7. Types of hinges
  8. Overall condition of the entire kitchen cabinets

As of January 2022 - the average cost to refinish kitchen cabinets is around $6500. Our clients year after year consistently agree when comparing all other options. See our (testimonials)

The average cost to paint a kitchen

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