Does Cabinet Paint Chip?

All Paint Chips

Cabinet painting is no different to auto body work. In order for paint to stick and feel smooth, surfaces should be prepared properly. After 40 years in the painting business we have learned one thing that sets our work apart from others, paint chips far less, adheres to a surface much better when old finishes are sanded back down to clean wood grain again.

Kitchen cabinet painting

Before Painting, Priming or Undercoating

⚠️ When is comes to kitchen cabinet painting, it is very important wood surfaces are extremely clean and porous (never shinny). The deeper paint gets absorbed into wood, the less chance paint will chip or be as noticeable. See flood coating

This is particularly important when painting darker wood cabinets light colours or shades of white.

To increase durability, PAINTING Guys sand everything down to the wood prior or priming and painting. Sanding greatly improves paint adhesion and overall look of everything.

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