Flat Finish

Flat Finish (matte) paint is generally used on ceilings or walls that are in bad shape. This finish is useful for hiding imperfections. Matte finishes are a new style basic. Now you can splash that style all over your walls—and not worry about what else gets splashed. Because Benjamin Moore has come up with a designer’s dream: a soft, matte- finish paint that is as scrubbable as higher sheen products, such as an eggshell finish.

Benjamin Moore Matte Finishes are an interior flat paint that is durable, more washable and stain-resistant than ever before.

Aura is what we recommend http://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-ca/for-your-home/paint-products/aura-waterborne-interior-paint

Benjamin Moore Aura Matte
Aura Matte

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Painting Crown Mouldings

Crown moulding look excellent when you prepare, caulk and clean all the seams between the ceilings, walls and corners. Using high quality caulking is also very important so the paint flows smooth and the seams don't open up and turn yellow later in the year.

NOTE: Gluing the joints is also important. They will expand and contract at different times of the seasons. If the carpenter doesn't glue them, they could open up during the winter months when the humility is dryer.