Kitchen cabinet painting costs & why

PAINTING Guys - There are many opinions on how to paint kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities but only one way to do it well which all begins with preparation. There is NO CUTTING CORNERS on cabinet painting. If you do not do it correctly, paint will not stick well,  cheap painting will devalue your kitchen and its all a waste of time and money. There are no fast and cheap steps to painting.

This section breaks down OUR PROCESS to explain WHY we charge what we charge to paint kitchen cabinets PAINTING Guys way.

Before we begin quoting... 

It's important our clients know what a typical kitchen will cost and why. (NOTE: We cannot paint any kitchen for less than $3000). This price will increase depending on the kitchen size, style, condition of the wood and type of the wood (oak, maple, ash, pine, fir, plywood etc)

If we are within your budget, then the rest of this section will explain why you want us to do the work for you and why we charge what we charge. How We Do It

Kitchen Cabinet Painting PAINTING Guys


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