Kitchen cabinet painting costs & why

How much will your Kitchen Cabinets cost to Paint?

We don't just charge based on how many cabinet doors or drawers you have.  Costs are based on:

  • Condition of wood
  • Door profile
  • If any painting is required inside cabinet boxes (examples: behind glass doors, microwave box etc)
  • Glass doors
  • Open shelving
  • Types of hinges
  • Overall condition of the entire kitchen cabinets

There are many opinions on how to paint kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities but only one way to do it well, which begins with preparation and a well equipped spray shop. 

If you do not prep wood correctly, cabinet will look cheap, paint will chip easier and simply put, they will look like they were painted. However, done properly, cabinets will look like factory finishing, in many cases like new again. They will  add value to your home immediately. Guaranteed

Before we begin quoting... 

It's important our clients know the differences between good better and best ways to paint kitchen cabinets and why we charge what we do.  We cannot paint any kitchen for less than $2500 but we do have creative ways to save money by helping (win win for everyone).

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