A fast-drying usually clear coating that is highly flammable and dries by solvent evaporation only. Can be reconstituted after drying by adding solvent.

Historical Note: The word lacquer is derived from the word lac, which describes the secretions of the lac beetle. This insect, found mainly in Asia, deposits its secretions on branches of trees and this crop is later harvested. The resin developed by the insects, in its original state, contains a red dye. This dye is separated from the resin by boiling in water. Next the residue resin, known as seed lac, is melted, strained, cooled and flaked and then becomes shellac.

Beadboard Cabinet Repairs

Beadboard Cabinet Repairs

Here is a beautiful beadboard kitchen that was water damaged. We refinished it in acrylic paint rather than lacquer. We never use lacquer as it yellows, cracks and chips easier than paint and is extremely flammable making it impossible to apply in homes.

repairing beadboard cabinets, BC Canada