Lacquer vs Acrylic Paint

Lacquer is a hard finish but we don’t use it when repainting older cabinets for a variety of reasons.

We realize Lacquer and Acrylic cabinet coating takes a knack to do it well. Not everyone gets the same results as the next guy but one thing for certain,  if something isn't prepared correctly, the finish is sure to fail.

When it comes to panting kitchen cabinets, we love Acrylic paint for a variety of reasons. PAINTING Guys have acrylic cabinet painting down pat.

  • Lacquer yellows, acrylic paint does not. 
  • Lacquer touch-ups are impossible to seamlessly colour match because it yellows. Acrylic is easy to touch up.
  • Lacquer is highly explosive and toxic making it terrible to use onsite around furnaces, smoking, children, elderly and general public. Acrylic is water base and very low VOC.
  • Lacquer requires special zoning regulations to spray, requires fire extinguishing and venting systems which all ends up costing clients more money for nothing gained.  Acrylic is low VOC and sprays beautifully. 

Example below is what we are seeing more and more of. Not sure why the finishes are so brittle but acrylic never does this.
When it comes to changing colours over ”older wood cabinets”... this is why we NEVER use lacquer.

Lacquer vs Paint - kitchen cabinet painting

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