Langford Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Is the paint chipping, flaking, falling off your relatively new kitchen cabinets?

Below is an example of how easy paint comes off these cabinets that were installed in the Bear Mountain area of Langford, BC.

No disrespect intended but whomever built /painted (lacquer) these cabinets did not prep, prime or paint them properly.

Bear Mountain Cabinet Refinishing - PAINTING Guys Victoria

Victoria PAINTING Guys are now refinishing cabinets and bathroom vanities for Bear Mountain homes. Poorly finished cabinets like this can be refinished to look new again. You do not need to replace the cabinets.

In fact, (no disrespect intended) (Benjamin Moore) the paint we use and how we refinish cabinets, our finished product will likely look better to what we are seeing as "new cabinetry" today. New cabinets often look pale, have thin coats of lacquer, are not primed and do not withstand the test of time. Our cabinet finish is deeper in colour, smooth and durable.

Refinishing, restoring cabinets is a lot of work but after we are done,we guarantee poor cabinet finishing like this will look like it never happened to you.

To be a successful "kitchen cabinet refinisher", you need to be more than just cabinet painters or house painters. PAINTING Guys are trained in both fine finishing and high end residential painting decorating.

PAINTING Guys are extremely fussy and detailed in everything we do. We complete all the needed addition touch-ups, detailed brush work to make every kitchen look the best it can in a timely and very professional manner. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

To learn more on why you want to make the best choice in any kitchen /bathroom painting and refinishing ...

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