Never Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding

Sanding kitchen cabinets

Always sand before and after priming and painting kitchen cabinets. Also see cleaning and degreasing cabinets

How to sand kitchen cabinets

De-greasers alone never work

If you are painting kitchen cabinets ALWAYS remove grease and ALWAYS SAND. WE NEVER USE TSP. Our choice de-greaser is Spray 9 but we always sand after using a de-greaser

There is a reason to sand or etch all finished before and after coats. This is especially important when painting older kitchen cabinets. You never get pro results "without scraping and sanding" and you cannot rely on de-greaser's alone.

De-greasers always soften and push grease into grain and seams where cracking is most prone, areas where caulking and paint bonding lifts and chips easier. If degreasers actually worked without sanding, we would be using them.

How clean are your kitchen cabinets?

If we didn't sand before after priming we wouldn't be in the cabinet painting business very long.

When is comes to painting kitchen cabinets.... everything has to be sanded and everything has to be thoroughly cleaned no matter what we are painting. There is no easy way out. De-greasers never work as a single one stop way to prep kitchen cabinets.

Sand all kitchen cabinets

sanded kitchen cabinets

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