Why do painters wear white?

 Why do painters wear white?

I HAVE NO IDEA.  However, common sense tells me... "white" (light colours) including primers were the main colors of paint available back in the day. So, clothes would appear to be cleaner even though they had paint on them.

Personally, I wear white painter pants or shorts, a white T-shirt and white flat runners because I was trained by other Journeyman painters who wore "whites" too.

They said:

you will get more respect if you are wearing "whites.

I have also been told by some painters:

  paint on their whites  indicates you are a sloppy painter.

NOTE: I would never hire a painter who thinks paint on your whites is a bad thing.

IN FACT. It's impossible for me to paint without getting paint on my whites. Anyone who claims they can paint a house without getting paint on their whites is showing lack of speed, proficiency and the much required skill needed to hold a can at hip height, reach or crawl in tight spaces as well a few other things we do when painting a house. If you are so careful to not want paint on you, get another job.

You cannot be afraid of paint and you cannot paint an entire house without getting paint on your whites. If you say you can, you would not be the painter I would ever hire. I'm not saying you should be covered in paint, but if you are always wearing clean white painting attire, you are either the sales guy or someone posing as the real deal.

I am an extremely high end painter, very fussy and very quick (NOTE "quick" is the most important aspect in achieving high end results with LOW VOC painting products). I talk about this throughout this website.

Here are some quotes off google. Feel free to register here and add to this.


Painters wearing white began in the 18th century to match the whitewashed buildings. The most common color painters deal with is white and they use other white stuff like plaster and Spackle. They wear white clothes so the splotches do not show.

Why do professional interior house painters wear white...


Question: Why do professional interior house painters wear white overalls rather than blue overalls?

Answer: By the mid-1800s, the colors were standardized – painters and plasterers wore white overalls, farmers wore blue or brown. Railway workers sported a variety of pinstripes.