Real Estate Agents Suggest Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Real Estate Agents - Save or Make Clients Money

If a home has dark dated cabinets like below, isn’t selling for the listing price, consider suggesting kitchen cabinet painting as an affordable and fast way to update the kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Painters

Get that house ready for market. Find a Kitchen Cabinet Painter near you!

The average time it takes to paint kitchen cabinets is 7 to 10 days.

Painting existing cabinets is a win win for everyone because YOU save your client a pile of money and will sell homes faster and most likely for a better price too!  Your clients refer you because you know how to get a home ready while at the same time save thousands of dollars from unnecessary costs.

PAINTING Guys refinish oak, fir, pine, maple, mahogany etc... wood or vinyl cabinets to outstanding results! Cabinets will look so close to new it will change your opinion on buying new CABINETS. 

Cost and Speed

We transform kitchen and bathroom cabinetry for usually under $5000 and get it all done in a week.

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