Cabinet painting and avoiding bubbles

Don't ruin your kitchen cabinets trying to paint them yourself...  or by hiring an inexperienced painter.  Look for testimonials like this:

  • If you are painting oak cabinets and don't prep them properly...  you will get bubbles.
  • If you use the wrong cleaners and primers....  you will create bubbles in the finish coats.
  • If you use sponge rollers, you will get bubbles.

NOTE: There is a lot more to painting kitchen cabinets than just paint or a sprayer. The prep work and knowing how to get the paint to sink into the grain without bubbles is where a professional cabinet painter with testimonials of proof make it worth the expense.

There is no cheap way around cabinet finishing.  When it comes to painting cabinets and vanities, open grain wood such as Oak, Walnut, Fir, Spruce, Pine etc takes time and knowledge in wood finishing to get paint to look like factory finishing.  If you paint them wrong, they will be ruined and most certainly devalue your home.

If you get them painted professionally, they will look amazing and add value to your home!

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