Cheap painters come at a cost

Cheap kitchen cabinet painting comes at a big cost!

When it comes to kitchen cabinet refinishing, cheap painters charge less for a reason. They usually don't have a spray shop, professional tools or the ability to reproduce a long lasting new-like cabinet finish.

It takes a spray shop, time and tools to refinish kitchen cabinets properly.

Professional painters

Cleaning and removing old varnish

If the cabinet painter doesn't remove the top level of old varnish... be prepared for grief and disappointment. No-one likes sanding varnish but its part of the job and therefore it must be done right!

Sanding cabinets is a nasty and time consuming job in cabinet restoration and if you don't do it well, you will suffer the consequences.

Refinishing kitchen cabinets

Bad kitchen cabinet painting

Kitchen cabinet painters with mediocre methods avoid this step and when they do... they will ruin cabinets every time. Be warned... we cannot fix bad kitchen cabinet painting without savage stripping.

The less varnish removed, the easier paint will chip or peel.

If you don't remove varnish or glaze, the top level of paint with chip, thus, you will see the shiny wood underneath every time.

Sanding, scuffing or de-glazing is extremely important and most evident when painting light colours over dark stained cabinets.

Bad kitchen cabinet painting

When considering a painter to paint, repaint, restore, refinish old wood cabinets, make sure you are hiring a cabinet painter that takes the time to prep. Otherwise... once cabinets are painted badly, they will always be chipping and peeling.