Cleaning and degreasing cabinets

Before you Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Every kitchen cabinet we've ever painted has some grease or food of some kind on the doors and drawers. Over time airborne pollutants, which include grease settle on the tops of cabinet doors. Before any painting begins... GREASE HAS TO BE REMOVED.

NOTE: you cannot use TSP to clean grease alone. We know products like TSP are recommended but in our case this is simply not true. Every kitchen has to be sanded so primer and paint bonds "deeper" into the wood.  The better the bond, the less likely paint will chip.
Below is an example of how we use a razor edge to scrape grease. Chemicals such as de-greasers NEVER WORK!  Once scraping is done, the next step is using chemical cleaners, wiping clean followed by sanding and then finally by air blasting all the dust away. There is no easier or better way to prepare cabinets for painting than this.

Why it costs money to paint kitchen cabinets and why you choose a re-finisher that takes the time to do it right.
You have to get the grease off the wood and out of the grain. If you don’t... the paint won’t stick!

Degreasers Don't Work