Hand Painting vs Spray Painting Onsite

Spraying cabinets and cupboards in homes "onsite" is the fast and cheap way to paint kitchen cabinets but it isn't the best way to do it.


However, we never spray cabinets in homes for a variety of reasons:

Cons: 👎🏼

  • Spraying taped-off boxes with plastic around everything creates a cheap painted look
  • Over-spray settling on adjacent sections is problematic for high-end cabinet finishing. 
  • Spraying 45-degree angles often creates uneven paint build-up and thin sections that you don't want.
  • Crown moldings, valances and seams of boxes don't look good with open seams. Spraying open seams never fills properly which ends up cracking down the road. We know people spray cabinets in homes but it's not how we do it.

Pros 👍🏼

  • Hand finishing is the big difference to why our cabinet refinishing looks so beautiful and seamless. We are successful cabinet painters because we are excellent hand and spray painters. If an area cannot or should not be disassembled, we hand-paint those to match. Our clients constantly tell us how happy they are with the new look of their kitchen cabinets. This is greatly due to our detail in prep work, hand painting and caulking seams before top coats.

NOTE: Some areas of this kitchen below are hand painted. You cannot tell the difference.

Residential Painting

When it comes to the finishing touches, there are always sections beyond spraying that require detailed hand painting to match spray finishing. The art of making a kitchen look amazing is all in the hand finishing and sealing of joints, cracks and seams.

Hand Painting
Kitchen cabinet painting

Hand Painting

Crown moldings, face frames, edging, side panels, gable ends, valances, shelving, inside microwave boxes, around built-in (overs, dishwashers and refrigerators), kick plates, behind fridges plus anything with a crack requires caulking and hand finishing.

Hand finishing is the big difference to why our work looks so beautiful. We are successful cabinet painters because we are excellent hand finishers.