What to Expect

Typical look of a kitchen during our painting process.

cabinet boxes ready for painting

Cabinet shells remain so you can still use your kitchen.
​​Note: very few (if any) items need to be removed from inside the cupboards, however, you may need to remove some items in drawers so we can unscrew the "drawer fronts".
You can continue to use your kitchen while we are gone, which usually takes about 7 days to finish spray painting the door and drawer fronts and backs.

Once we have finished the spray finishing in our shop, we return to your home (approximately 7 days later) to paint the remaining details (crowns, face frames, microwave box, kick plates etc). This part usually requires another 2 to 3 days for paint and caulking to cure.
Once completed we reassemble everything and you have a bright clean new looking kitchen again! 

10 days (average) from start to finish

Cabinet painting before after - PAINTING Guys