Removing cabinet doors tutorial

Removing cabinet doors tutorial:

The basic protocol to how I paint a kitchen starts by removing all the pulls and hinges. I paint all the doors at my shop and in approx. 4 to 7  days later I return to paint the shells.

  • You do not need to remove your cabinets.
  • You usually do not need to remove any dishes  (drawers are subjective).
  • Kitchen can still be used while the job is in progress.

There is very little disturbance for the entire project. Average scenario, you are without doors for ONE WEEK.

I will come by, pick up the doors and drawers, take them to my cabinet shop, restore them, return back in 4 days with them  looking awesome!

As they are curing, I paint the frame faces and any remaining sections to match the sprayed work. 

To remove your cabinet doors, follow these steps.

removing cabinet doors

Don't mix up your hinges!  Hinges have an exact order. After you remove a hinge, put it back on the cabinet.


 If your hinges are the adjustable kind (seen above).... they are all uniquely adjusted to fit the original install. Depending on the best way to remove your doors for me... BE CERTAIN you put each hinge back on shell sides it came from. I usually just snap them back on the cabinet until  time to put the newly painted doors and drawers back on.

Avoiding this saves having to re adjust everything all over again! $

Contact me. I will guide you to the best way to save time and money.

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