Painting Kitchens

We paint kitchen ceilings, walls, trim and cabinets.

Kitchen painting

Area's of a kitchen that require greater attention to prep and paint:


flat or textured


  • detailed brush work around the cabinets and countertops
  • degreasing is subjective areas to cooking

Backsplash area

  • preperation between the countertops and below the top cabinets
  • removing non paintable silicone and replacing it with paintable


  • protection
  • detailed taping

General Workflow

  • Cutting in and rolling in tight spots above or below cabinets and counter-tops.
  • Protecting of cabinetry, counter-tops and appliances
  • Moving appliances,
  • Repairing and patching from the removal of silicone
  • See Cabinet Refinishing

NOTE: You cannot paint over silicone. search silicone vs caulking