SAVE $ by Helping

Submitted by Chris on Thu, 10/22/2015 - 13:15

SAVE  up to 20% off the price by removing and re installing hardware and painting the face frames and end panels.

If you are handy with a brush and roller (able to paint the face frames and side panels... ), can use a screw driver (remove and reinstall the doors and hardware) example: doors, pulls and handles, I will reduce my labor cost up to 20%!

  • I spray the doors and drawers at my shop
  • You brush and roll the face frames and side panels.

I started doing this as a win win for those who can do simple, yet time consuming tasks most people are able to do themselves! Does this sound like you? Maybe you have a family member or friend that can do this?

The painting of the frame faces is more detailed but if you have some practical painting experience, this may include additional ways to save you money $.

Why pay me for something you can do yourself (DIY)!

See our tutorials on what is required: