Typical Wood Cabinets We Paint

We can paint over any surface

Oak | Maple | Cedar | Walnut | Fir | Mahogany | Pine | MDF | Melamine | PVC | Thermofoil

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Cabinet Paint

The key steps to a "good better best" paint adhesion starts with excellent cleaning, sanding & priming. We never use TSP and we always choose stain blocking wood primers and acrylic top coat paint for the job. We never refinish cabinets with lacquer as lacquer does not age well with the inherent shrinking and expanding of modern shaker kitchen panels.

Acrylic Paint vs Alkyd or Lacquer

We always use high quality acrylic paint which is more flexible to alkyd and lacquer. Acrylic paint never yellows. See examples of bad lacquer finishes we are now repainting.

(Note: we are no longer painting cabinets with exposed hinges) See example

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