Water Damaged Cabinets

Here is an example of a new kitchen cabinet finish that FAILED after 3 years from normal amount of splashing water around the sink (washing dishes etc) .

Water Damaged Cabinets

First of all, never buy wainscot cabinets. They look beautiful new but if the finishing isn't great, they will fill up with crud in the grooves so you won't be able clean them well.

Next: If wainscot cabinets aren't sealed between the groove and shaker panel, water will get in behind the panels and blow out the finish. Which is exactly what happened to this kitchen 3 years later.

Here is that exact example of what happened to this very expensive custom built kitchen. Something so simple could have prevented if the cabinet maker sealed and finished the doors and drawers properly. Water would obviously run down the groove, get in behind the panels and blow out the finish.

The good news is: The owners of this kitchen heard about my cabinet refinishing, hoped it was worth a try to salvage them before spending another $35,000 to replace.
Ta da! They look awesome now and are much better to the original finish!

kitchen cabinet restoration - PAINTING Guys

Something so simple could have prevented  if the cabinet builder primed and sealed the doors properly.

The owners heard about the PAINTING Guy's cabinet refinishing work. I managed to refinish these which saved them from spending another $35,000 to replace.

I removed all the flaking from water damage, resealed and refinished these cabinets like new again.

BAD Lacquer Finishing!

water damaged cabinets refinishing by PAINTING Guys


Cabinet Painting

To This!

These are silk to touch finished now. Better sealed, better finished than the original finish.

Cabinet Refinishing

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