Flood Coating

This is how we apply stain, primer or paint to wood. We use a combination of airless and HVLP  sprayers. The idea is to  soak, saturate the wood with stain, paint or clear coat until the product is full. We do this in 3 stages around the log building

INJECT stain, primer or finish coat into the cracks using an airless sprayer or HVLP.

  • air blast and vacuum dust prior to staining.
  • soak (flood coat) stain deep into the cracks and log ends

We use an average of 18 or more gallons per pass around an average log home. This gives you an idea how much stain you should be using per coat.

The first two coats take the most stain, the last coat uses about half the amount. This last coat is a clear base which leaves a smooth and weather resistant beautiful looking finish.

NOTE: We will often inject 5 or six coats on the log ends.

 Chris Bialuski started this technique years ago. The term "Flood Coating" is  now considered  a universal term used in wood staining industry.

Example of flood coating logs.

By the time I grabbed my camera to take this picture, the flood of stain had already soaked in. That's how much stain we really need to flood on. When I say flood, I mean saturated and dripping.

Log finishing flood coating

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