Kitchen Cabinet Painting

 Oak, Maple, MDF kitchen cabinet painting Nanaimo to Victoria. Unlimited colours. Call or text: 250-327-8044.

 We paint dated kitchen cupboards and vanities to look, last & feel new again. (see testimonials)

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Vancouver Island

(Above) This house was on the market for 2 months.. The general comments from potential buyers pointed out how dated the kitchen looked. To get this house sold, the realtor advised the home owners to get PAINTING Guys to paint the kitchen cabinets.

A week later we were done! The realtor said our cabinet finishing added $20,000 to this house. It sold the next day we finished!

How to paint kitchen cabinets

How to paint kitchen cabinets - PAINTING Guys
PAINTING Guys kitchen cabinet painting

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, debating new vs repainting your kitchen, you are happy with the layout of your kitchen but simply put...  wish the wood didn't look so yellowed or dark and dated....  then you have come to the right painting company.

Painting vs replacing

  • Save budget money for new counter tops, flooring, mortgage down-payment etc.
  • Professionally spray painted cabinets not only look great, they add value to your home.
  • Fast and efficient way to renovate kitchen, bathroom, laundry room cabinetry (average start to finish in 7 days)

Why choose us?

Our refinishing is without question, beautiful! You will never suspect dated cabinets were just painted. We are the best at this service because we're not just the average residential painters. We are fine cabinet finishers highly skilled in high end residential Painting & Decorating.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting, Victoria Nanaimo
Custom Cabinet Colours
Kitchen cabinet spray painting Nanaimo, Victoria BC
High Quality Spray Painting

Our Restoration Process vs Competition:

How to sand kitchen cabinets
Superior Hepa Filter Vacuum Sanding

We don't just spray paint over the wood.  We clean, scrape, sand, vacuum, prime, seal open grain and caulk seams before any finish goes on.

Cleaning & Sanding (see our youtube video on sanding)

We remove all the doors and drawers, disassemble everything but the cabinet shells (you do not need to remove dishes etc) See /painting-cabinet-face-frames-and-panels

We take everything  back to our cabinet shop where we meticulously de-grease, scrape,  clean, sand old varnish and caulk so our spray finish sticks and LOOKS AMAZING. (durable, factory smooth cabinet finishing) see our Testimonials

Our superb restoration process combined with ability to hand paint remaining details of cabinet shells and frames on location transforms dated cabinets into beautiful, modern looking kitchens!

painting cabinet frames in Victoria
Hepa Filter Vacuum Sanding
Victoria kitchen cabinet painting
Beautiful example of our cabinet refinishing work

I knew they were going to look good but not this good, WOW!

The typical wood cabinets we paint:

Oak | Maple | Cedar | Walnut | Fir | Mahogany | Pine | MDF

Kitchen Cabinet Painting
(Before/After) of how awesome our cabinet finishing looks

The bottom line: Refinishing cabinets apposed to replacing will put serious budget money $$$ towards new counter tops, flooring, appliances, down payment etc.

Professionally restored cabinets look great, feel silky smooth, clean well, last for years and are a fraction of the cost to buying new cabinetry. See our examples

  • Fast -kitchen renovations completed (most cases) one week start to finish.
  • Affordable home improvements, remodeling that increase the value of real estate.
  • Low Impact - no removal of cabinets from walls, (cups, dishes etc do not need to be removed).
  • Clean -no dusty construction (there is very little disruption to your kitchen).
  • Cabinet Colours - white  black, over 3800 colour choices to choose from.

 How much does something like this cost?

Kitchen island painted in Nanaimo BC
Two-tone kitchens - unlimited colours

We don't charge based on how many doors or drawers you have.  Each kitchen is based on the wood (Maple, Oak, Cedar, PVC, MDF, etc), and door profile.

NOTE: you cannot use TSP to clean grease alone. We know products like TSP are recommended but in our case this is simply not true. Every kitchen has to be sanded so primer and paint bonds "deeper" into the wood.  The better the bond, the less likely paint will chip.

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