Painting Trim

Painting Trim

Steady / "hand eye coordination" enables painters to exceed in both speed and how paint flows. Today's paint dries fast, therefore, if you are able to cut lines straight before paint starts to "set", it always has a nicer edge and looks better to tape lines.

Painting trim

Tape and when to use it:

Tape lines put bad edges around things.  Tape is important but it also should only be used for specific tasks.

Caulking, filling: 

The finishing holes and all caulking should be done before coats are applied.  Regardless of how detailed a project is, if your trim looks great, everything looks better and stays looking better for years!


Examples of trim include:

wide window and door casings,

  • baseboards,
  • running trim,
  • coffer ceilings
  • crown mouldings,
  • doors

There are many ways to paint houses and all sorts of price variations.  Some people pay close attention to detail, others don't notice detail at all. 

When you ask for a painting quote, make sure you know the quality of painting you want and if the painter you choose can actually do what you envision within your budget. Cheap pricing usually means a lot less of everything.

Coffer Ceiling Painting - PAINTING Guys

Choosing The Right Sheen

Professional painters know what sheen's and products to use and how to paint the trim.  They understand what paints to use and how to apply paint so the finished home looks beautiful and well built.

We all like to think "our work is excellent" but our prices are all different because we all do things differently.

How Do You Know Who To Hire?

Reading the actual steps I take will give you a starting point. These are the steps I was taught by other professional journeyman painters. These steps consistently produce pro results all in a timely manner. Great for quality, great for production, great for the client and great for future business. In the end the home looks excellent every time.

Quality painting, high end painting, professional painting... should all mean good workmanship.

Buffed Windows

No matter how you look at it, painting trim takes time. If you spend the extra money and time to install a lot of trim, paint it right! You will be very happy you went the extra mile to find and pay for a good painter to finish your home.

Trim should look deep in colour and smooth to touch. It should stand out from the room and have great lines between the wall colours and the trim colour. It should look awesome, not just sort-of-there. It should NOT have gaps between the walls. It should be sealed nicely and painted with high quality paint. Trim should have a sheen (satin, semi gloss or high gloss) for various reasons explained throughout this web site. Satin is the preferred for residential and semi to high gloss is preferred for commercial.   

The Ultimate Paint Job:

The PAINTING GUYS prefer Benjamin Moore products. Why?

This paint has the lowest VOC, dries the best, sags the least and covers better than all paints I've used in 35 years. Nothing is better than Aura today. 

Cheaper paints have more water and fillers. Aura cost about $20 more per gallon, but, you will use less paint and your home will look much better.  Cheaper paint do not save you money.


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