Preparing Logs for Stain

 Removing Saw Dust before spraying stain on Log Homes

Log Home Finishing - cleaning logs

Log Home Finishing - cleaning logs prior to staining.

Saw Dust & More Dust Years Later:

Log Home owners often say they would never have another log home because of all the dust. However, with proper procedures log home dust can be minimized significantly in the building process and further more, almost eliminated in the finishing stages (when the staining and clear coating is being prepared).

If you are wondering why your log home is dusty after you've moved in...   this is because it was never built clean and was never finished clean. The endless years of saw dust falling out of the scarves and laterals can ABSOLUTELY be prevented!

Handcrafted logs are full of character (draw knife, natural cat face, knots, checks etc.). Even though they have all sorts of contours they should still feel smooth when finished. House Logs are the choice timbers taken from the forest, they look incredible when finished like featured walls. House logs can be finished like expensive wood furniture.

All wood finishing is the same. To get the pro finish you must sand and clean before staining or clear coating. When done properly all wood will be stunning.

Basic steps to accomplish this is:

commercial fans for log home finishing
PAINTING Guys Log home fan system

NOTE: I use 2 large 2 speed commercial fans to pull dust out of the home before any finishing starts

  • use fans to pull the dust outside when cleaning and spraying the coats on.
  • Don't use high pressure airless production systems that create so much airborne dust so it falls right back down on the wet finish! USE the Titan HVLP commercial wood sprayer.

When building a log home mass amount of saw dust build up in the laterals, in the checks of the logs and in the T&G of flooring and wood ceilings. You must air blast this out and vacuum the dust before you begin any coating. The floors of the log home must also be clean clean clean before you begin! Dust should not be hiding and fall out when you slam the door or the wind blows.

  • Rough logs hold airborne dust like fly paper, cleaning them is very annoying.
  • Well sanded, buffed logs hold much less dust and make cleaning so much easier.
  • If the logs are clean before coating begins they end up very smooth.
  • Sanding between coats makes the pro finish
  • Air blasting interior or exterior is a must!

Cleaning House Logs

NOTE: deep cleaning the log cracks and ends on this south western exposure helps stain penetration.

From top to bottom these logs are soft feeling and extremely clean. Saw dust has been removed and we are ready for the staining.


Log Home Finishing - cleaning logs - air blasting
Log Home Finishing - cleaning logs - Painting Guys