Property Protection

Cover before we paint!

PAINTING Guys have enough "clean" canvas drop-sheets to completely cover very large homes. 

We cover all furniture, counter tops, railings and stairways, rugs, floors etc. We always leave a home in a clean and tidy manner. No mess, no drips, no sloppy paint issues etc.

Drop Cloths and Plastic Protection

Professional canvas drop cloth

We take cleanliness and property protection very serious.


All projects are treated with the same respect and care. We cover and protect everything that needs to be protected and take no chances. We have enough clean canvas to protect an entire home.

We dress in whites, speak well and act accordingly. You personal property is totally safe with us.


Inside the home, tarps are often called "drop cloths or drop sheets". Correct floor protection do more than protect floors and furniture from paint drips. They also speed the job up by minimizing "mishaps" including protecting valuables from dust.

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