Garage Doors

Before you spend money replacing old garage doors... Call the PAINTING Guys. We paint all kinds of garage doors.

Do your garage doors look like this?

Bonnyville garage door painters
A typical garage door that needs painting

Preparation (removing and air blasting)

garage door painting - preparation process
removing failed paint and preparing for painting

Priming and seal coating

primed garage doors
primed garage doors

Finish Coating  

Garage door painters
The finished garage doors

Residential and commercial garage door painting services:

PAINTING Guys know how to properly prep and paint all types of rolling door systems.

  • Custom door colours

Our 4 step painting process looks great:

  1.  Osborn scuffing and scraping
  2.  Special bonding primer and sealers
  3. Best exterior caulking available to seal panels and cracks
  4. (Spray finish when ever possible)   Benjamin Moore exterior Aura

Benjamin Moore Exterior Aura is absolutely amazing paint.

Garage doors completed

Garage Door Painting Services
Garage Doors Painting Services

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