Our Warranty

PAINTING Guys Two Year Warranty

What is covered: PAINTING Guys will repair, at our expense, all areas should peeling, flaking or blistering occur for 2 full years.

When making decisions for our business, we always come back to the golden rule of treating our customers as we would want to be treated. If you ever have a problem or if you simply just need some advice on painting something call us and we will do our best to help you. 😊

What is not covered: Scratches, nicks, dents, heat damage, excessive grease or large chips caused due to negligence. Use of abrasion, mechanical damage, abrasive cleaning, damage resulting from use of chemicals, or cleaning agents or exposure to harmful solids, liquids, or gases. Red wines, turmeric and some dyes may also stain so we always advise our clients to be careful.

PAINTING Guys are not responsible for any pre-existing workmanship or physical defects. This includes but is not limited to dings, dents, scratches, over-sanding, under-sanding, machine marks, knots, type of material used in construction, quality of assembly, and anything else which relates to the expansion & contraction of various woods including the original manufacturers process or defects.

It’s important to note that wood panel doors expand and contract over time due to changes in humidity. Sometimes hairline cracks can develop where the doors or seams are glued or stapled together. Since this is a natural occurrence, our warranty does not cover this. 

Even though your painted cabinets are highly durable, they are obviously not 100% scratch-resistant or bullet proof. Our 2 year warranty is for sprayed cabinets; this means that we will re-spray doors, drawers and items that can be brought back to our spray shop. Our warranty will not cover un-removable cabinet frames.

Simply put, we are excellent painters and always do our very best to refinish everything we touch. We have been painting cabinets for decades so under normal use our paint jobs should last for YEARS!