Oxford White & Iron Mountain Cabinets

Two-tone Maple cabinet repainted in Oxford White and Iron Mountain

Kitchen Cabinet Painting.

Example of the kitchen before it was refinished.

The old finish was faded and flaking off in places. We are able to transform old dated cabinets and make them look new again.

kitchen cabinet painting

We always remove doors and drawers from the cabinets, sand, fix dents and spray finish them at our shop.

Sanding doors before painting: kitchen cabinet painting

Drying racks ensure a satin smooth finish every time!

kitchen cabinet painting

Here is an example of how the kitchen cabinets look without doors and drawers. When the doors and drawers are off we are able to refinish the shells separately, fill seams, fix cracks etc so everything looks new.

Example of how kitchen cabinets look before reassembling.

Example of the island before it was painted.

Kitchen Island Painting (before after). PAINTING Guys

Example of the island painted.

Example of the island painted

We always paint both side of the doors and drawers.

Paint front and back sides of doors and drawers​

Oxford White Kitchen cabinet painting