Painting Kitchen Cabinet Wine Racks

Painting vs Re-purposing Kitchen Cabinet Wine Racks

If you don't like your kitchen cabinet wine rack, consider re-purposing the cabinet box as a shelf, microwave box or matching doors.

Painting wine racks.

Most wine racks aren't easy to paint because they are often glued together and have areas where it’s impossible to sand and paint properly. Most wine racks are originally sprayed in pieces, then inserted inside a cabinet box, then trimmed to finish.

Some wine racks are also glued to the box substrate which makes them impossible to remove without damaging adjacent cabinets.

Sanding previously varnished wood is a crucial step in preventing paint from chipping or peeling. Wine bottles will chip poorly sanded areas very easily.

Because of these issues, we recommend covering wine racks with a similar wood product they are made of. In some cases, people will have a local cabinet shop build a matched profile to insert into the wine enclosure. This way you’ll have a seamless color-matched beautifully refinished kitchen with a repurposed spot for extra space.