What not to Expect

Although we do everything we can to make kitchen cabinets look as new as possible...

Please don't expect us to clean things like this for you. Most kitchen cabinet doors and drawers have normal grease and grime which we always remove during the sanding process in our shop. But something like this would be pushing it...

What NOT to Expect - kitchen cabinet painting

NOTE: unless specifically listed in our contract, here is a list of things we don't normally do.

  • clean excessive grease above cabinets;
  • paint any areas beyond the top of crown mouldings which is not visible from the floor;
  • clean excessive grease underneath cabinets that aren't wood;
  • paint areas that aren't wood or paint-able;
  • paint washable melamine inside cupboards;
  • remove anything electrical;
  • drill holes;
  • fix broken hinges;
  • fix broken drawer rails;
  • alter or do any modifications;
  • pull appliances out that could damage flooring. 

NOTE: we always ask to confirm it is okay for us move a refrigerator, oven or microwave before painting behind these areas. If something should happen we are not responsible for any damages that could occur. If you are at all concerned we ask you to move these items.

Thank you!