Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Bad kitchen cabinet painting

Here are a few examples of what bad kitchen cabinet painting looks like. 

Bad kitchen cabinet painting

Bad kitchen cabinet painting
Occasionally we will get a call to fix or refinish kitchen cabinets that have been previously painted by someone that didn't know how to paint them properly.

The common issue are:

  • chipping
  • peeling
  • paint runs
  • orange peel, brush lines
  • just plain ugly looking

 Trying to fix a bad paint job like this isn't something we are usually interested in.


Whomever did this painted over grease, never sanded and never primed the doors. Trying to fix something like this requires savage stripping and a lot of labour $$$.

Mobile home kitchen cabinet painting

MDF (mobile home) kitchen cabinets repainted in Chantilly Lace

Most mobile home cabinets are typically made of MDF that is wrapped or covered with one of four materials:

  • paper
  • laminate
  • melamine
  • thermofoil

They all can be painted and when done properly, they look amazing! We have painted many laminated cabinets like this and the transformation always gets a "WOW!"

If you are looking for an affordable way to update your laminated mobile home cabinets... consider painting them as it's a great way to go!

Paint mobile home MDF kitchen cabinets - PAINTING Guys


MDF kitchen cabinets painting - PAINTING Guys

Before After


MDF cabinets painted by PAINTING Guys


Cabinet Colour - Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace,  Aura Satin Finish (product 526).

Acrylic paint is strong and yes it will last!  Its won't yellow and won't chip like other paints and lacquer. We've been in the cabinet refinishing business for 40 years. Repainting cabinets is a win win. Safe thousands in renovations.

Mobile home kitchen cabinet painting

Mobile home kitchen & bathroom painting

Do you have dated kitchen cabinets like this?  Paint cabinet & cupboards any colour or shade of white.

Kitchen cabinet renovations - Nanaimo BC

PAINTING Guys refinish/ paint oak, maple, MDF (all paint-able wood cabinetry to look absolutely amazing. Read our Testimonials  See dozens of example of how we do it throughout this website.

Substantially increase renovation budgets by repainting apposed to replacing perfectly good but dated cabinets. The money you save by painting your cabinets can be put towards new countertops, flooring etc.

What to Expect

What your kitchen will look like while the doors and drawers are being prepped and spray painted in our shop.

Cabinet shells remain so you can still use your kitchen. Very little needs to be removed from inside the cupboards, however, you may need to remove items in the drawer for us to be able to unscrew the "drawer fronts". You can continue to use your kitchen while we are gone, which usually takes about 7 days to finish spray paint the door and drawer fronts and backs.

Once we have finished the spray finishing in our shop, we return back to your home to paint the remaining details (crowns, face frames, microwave box, kick plates etc) which usually requires another 2 to 3 days for paint and caulking to cure. Once completed we reassemble everything and you have a bright clean new looking kitchen again! 

10 days (average) start to finish

cabinet boxes ready for painting

Beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Cabinet painting before after - PAINTING Guys