Osborn Brushes


Osborn buffing brushes are not a metal bristle cup brush, rather a nylon bristle (filaments), coated with (80) grit so you don't have to worry about potential rust stains on your walls as the metal bristle style brushes tend to leave small flecks of.

Osborn 32131SP Abrasive
Osborn 32131SP Abrasive
  • Bristles will flare out when in use and can reach in and clean notch areas.
  • Also great for reaching the "lateral" area where one round log sits upon another.
  • The bristles on these cup brushes are either round or square.The square is considered to be more aggressive.
  • Rated to 6000 rpm. (try at +/- 1500 rpm).
  • Works best on a Variable Speed Sander/Polisher...single speed units run at too high a speed.
  • Fits on 5/8" threaded shaft (pretty much the standard in North America).

Other Osborn Applications: Engine Blocks, Cylinder Heads, Exhaust Manifolds, Transmission Housings, Water Pumps, Intake Manifolds, Hydraulic Valve Bodies, Machine Components, Gears, Housings...Scotty uses one to scour out the underside of the riding mower blade housing prior to another coat of spray paint.

Sometimes called 'ATB Cup Brushes'...that stands for 'Advanced Technology Brushing'

NOTE: The 'cup' that holds the nylon bristles is metal.

  • On the 4" the 'cup' is 4" in diameter with the bristles splaying out to approximately 4-1/2" when new...more as it gets used.
  • On the 6", the 'cup' is 4-1/2" in diameter with the bristles splaying out to 6" when new.

Tools and Equipment

Specialty brushes we use to clean house logs prior to applying the stain or clear coats.

Log Finishing Tools

We use industrial fans to push and pull sawdust and over-spray out of the house so the finish is as smooth and dust free as possible. This also massively reduces log dust after you are living in the home.