Refacing is a quick, convenient update that can give your kitchen a newly remodelled look in a fraction of the time it takes to remodel.

In just days, rather than weeks or months, you can reface your kitchen with minimal disruption to your home life.

If you like the current layout of your kitchen or just prefer to avoid the cost and inconvenience of remodelling, cabinet refacing offers a great solution. You also keep your existing cabinet frames (shells) intact and get back to cooking in your own kitchen a lot sooner by refacing cabinets rather than replacing them.

Professional installers can complete most kitchen cabinet refacing projects in just 3-5 days from the time installation begins, leaving you with a kitchen that will provide lasting enjoyment. The cost to reface an average kitchen is between $8500 and $12,000.

Painting vs Refacing

Refacing kitchen cupboards is an option to consider as it's less expensive to buy new cabinetry. In most cases refacing cabinets is unnecessary if it’s colour you wish to change

  • Kitchen cabinet painting is affordable
  • Kitchen cabinet painting has more colour choices
  • You'll have a better-matched kitchen

Replacing Cabinet Doors

Kitchen cabinet refacing, replacing doors

  • Are your kitchen cabinets dated?
  • Are the cabinets and vanities made of oak, maple, pine  ...  ?
  • Are you thinking of replacing the doors and drawer fronts to save money? 
  • Is your kitchen well made? 

Maybe you don't even need to replace the doors! Get them professional painted.

 Before you go to the expense of "refacing or replacing"   consider having the PAINTING Guy spray paint them!