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Welcome to PAINTING Guys!

My name is Chris Bialuski, founder of PAINTING Guys and also the painter who has done everything you read about throughout this website. I am also the person who will show up at the job site to quote and do the actual work. 

PAINTING Guys is the name of my business which I created decades ago after people started calling me the PAINTING Guy. Well, it stuck!

2023 Alberta Strong & Free!

PAINTING Guys refinishing shop is located northeast of Edmonton. Although I've painted pretty much everything that can be painted, my focus and passion is high-quality kitchen cabinet painting. We service everywhere from Edmonton, east to Lloydminster and up north to Cold Lake, Bonnyville, St. Paul and surrounding areas.

Having our painting shop centrally located in the country allows us to be more competitive in pricing plus it's just more fun living in the country!

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I apprenticed from 1975 to 1978 under Glen Wheatley, a talented and respected journeyman painter from Regina Saskatchewan and the rest is history!

During that time we learned how to paint custom-built homes finished in all types of wood. The process of how we did everything from staining to painting are explained throughout this website today.

"Back in the day"painters had to know the painting and decorating trade inside and out. Wood staining, wood finishing , cabinet finishing, floor finishing, paper hanging, and general painting was all part of the the painters workflow. We even tinted our putty to match the various grain colours in wood so nails holes etc were hidden.  We weren't just "painters" we were applicators for many finishes.

Benjamin Moore Painting & Decorating Service

In 2005 I joined the Benjamin Moore Painting & Decorating Services where I operated in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Vancouver Island and Prince George, BC Canada.