Log Home Staining (before after) Timber Pro Coatings

Here’s a before/ after example of a Douglas Fir log shop stained and clear coated using Timber Pro Coatings.

This is a 3 coat process. Each coat is flood-coated, which means getting a log to soak as much stain as it will absorb per coat.  

As the stain absorbs into the wood you back brush it out until there are no drips or sagging (until it looks even and absorbed).  We do this three times around the building.

By the time you are on the 3rd coat, the wood is what we call “full” which means you no longer see any dry spots.

This process produces the most even looking finish that is so beautiful to look at. The feel of the logs are also amazing and the preserving factor is second to none.

Log finishing using Timber Pro Coatings,
Timber Pro Coatings, Fir Log Shop
Log Shop Finishing,
Log Shop Finishing