Paint Tray

Steel tray vs plastic paint trays, which one is best?

Inexperienced painters use plastic paint trays. For best results always use a steel paint tray instead.

  • Steal trays hold 2/3 of the gallon of paint. You use the remaining gallon for cutting. Simple and professional.
  • Plastic trays hold less paint and force you to use a gimmick cutting pail. Usually a ridiculous handy pail created to get you to spend more money.
  • Plastic paint trays have a deeper channel which is the worst tray to have. You don't submerge the roller in the paint for a reason. Plastic paint trays belong in the garbage.
  • The aggressive ridges on plastic trays are bad. There is a reason why steal trays do not have traction ridges and why experienced painters don't want them. They ruin your roller and force you to spend more money on rollers.
  • Handy pails are designed for people to buy plastic trays. Follow the money and you will get the picture.

Two painting products (sundries) to avoid

  • Handy Pails

Plastic Paint Trays