Exterior Spray Painting

PAINTING Guys use HVLP sprayers with pressure pots to apply full body stains when over-spray is an issue.


An HVLP with a pressure pot enables one man to flood-coat thick stain and work the stain deep into wood siding more proficiently than airless sprayers could ever do with this level of quality.

Flood coating is a process PAINTING Guys use to soak as much stain as possible until the wood cannot absorb anymore product. If you paint wood like this each time you re-coat the end result is stellar. 

Our process allows one painter to lather stain deep into the seams around the windows, doors etc (where stain or paint matters most!) without getting over-spray on windows, plants and nearby cars in parking lots etc. 

In this example one man used an HVLP to apply 180 gallons of stain and back brush this entire building by himself in 11 weeks. 

We use two types of sprayers

  •  Titan airless for heavier bodied acrylic paint applications. An Airless is ideal for ceilings and production painting where heavy bodied paints are used and where you want to get a lot of production done. These are very portable and quite.

Titan 640 Airless

  •  HVLP  sprayer for more critical finishing such as cabinet finishing. An HVLP is ideal for cabinet finishing and stains.  Example:  finer steel,  cabinets, vanities, stair railings, feature wood walls, furniture etc.
  • I also have a pressure pot for more demanding HVLP production projects.

Titan Pro Finish HVLP


PAINTING Guys rock when it comes to wood staining buildings and log homes.