What is the best paint to use on kitchen cabinets?

Special cabinet paints are available from most manufacturers however PAINTING Guys only use 100% high-quality acrylic paint on older kitchen cabinets. 

We’ve been spraying and hand painting acrylic paints on cabinets and furniture for decades and there simply is no better paint than Benjamin Moore! 

  • Zero VOC toxicity;
  • Non yellowing;
  • Beautiful colours;
  • Satin smooth finish;
  • Exceptional durability; 
  • Exceptional flexibility;
  • Super easy to touch-up!

Professional Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

Benjamin Moore acrylic satin or semi gloss paint is our choice for all interior trim, doors and cabinetry.

Kitchen cabinet spray paint

Today's top acrylic paints are not only beautiful and durable,  they do not yellow or shrink like alkyd or lacquer. They are ultra low VOC making them the best health choice for you and our planet.

Acrylic paint will last for years and years. 

PAINTING Guys exclusively use Benjamin Moore acrylic paint for all kitchen cabinet refinishing. We have the best tools and methods to apply acrylic paints achieving outstanding finishes.