What sheen of paint should be used on kitchen cabinets?

Refinished older cabinets always look the best with a satin finish!

The high-quality satin finish is durable, cleans well, hides fingerprints exceptionally well, and looks amazing, especially on refinished older kitchen cabinets.

We've been spray painting kitchen cabinets with satin for over 20 years, and all our clients have been thrilled with the satin finish. Most floors, trim and cabinets are a satin finish. The satin finish looks the best. 

High-sheen paints such as semi-gloss and high-gloss are better suited for commercial use or high-traffic conditions. 

If you plan on using the kitchen in high-traffic conditions, high-sheen cabinets are slightly harder and easier to clean than example, a satin finish however, the higher the gloss, the greasier the look.