Painting Textured Ceilings

If a textured ceiling has never been painted before. 


  (Basic process) Benjamin Moore flat acrylic paint,  Titan 440 or 640 airless sprayer).

Ceiling texture is a water base product:  When you apply a water base paint to unpainted texture, it softens it. If you use a roller, you will end up with the texture softening and loosening off the ceiling, dropping to your face and the floor. If you are a DIY (not hiring a professional painter), chances are you will actually ruin your ceiling. Hire a professional painter.

That being said: You can roll them but you you are best using on oil base paint. Oil won't soften the texture. Be sure to cover your entire floor with drop sheets.

 Spraying is the best way to paint textured ceilings that have never been painted.

Once a textured ceiling HAS BEEN PAINTED, you can re-roll them without fear because the texture will be sealed and hard.