bumpers or pads

Cabinet door bumpers are usually made from rubber, plastic, or felt. While all options offer good cushioning, plastic and rubber tend to be more durable than felt when it comes to repeated opening and closing. However, felt offer more noise reduction and are less "sticky"! these are the preferred pad we use and recommend.

We generally use white or brown felt pads for all doors and drawers and clear rubber for the odd location where  a discrete protection is required.

Kitchen Cabinet Bumpers

There are a few types of cabinet door bumpers. 

  • Clear Synthetic
  • Felt in whites or browns 

We only recommend felt bumpers because synthetic bumpers tend to bond to acrylic paints. Synthetic bumpers feel tacky in comparison to felt. 

Good felt bumpers have a softer feel when a door or drawer opens or closes.

Adding felt cabinet bumpers

We supply new felt bumpers as part of our cabinet painting service.