Cabinet Hinges

Cabinet Door Types; Overlay Doors, Inset Doors, and Offset Doors

There are four basic cabinet door hinge types:

  • Overlay cabinet doors (the door is larger than the opening and “lays over” it)
  • Full Inset cabinet doors (the door fits completely in the opening and is flush with the cabinet surface)
  • Partial Inset cabinet doors (part of the door is inset into the opening and part of the door overlays the opening)
  • Offset cabinet doors (very similar to “Inset” however the hinge is surface mounted and all of it is visible.)

Adjusting Cabinet Doors

Adjusting Cabinet Doors

Line everything up before you start painting! 

Older kitchen cabinets usually have loose hinges, cracks and out-of-alignment doors. Adjusting cabinet doors prior to disassembling insures everything will fit back together when reassembling time comes. You have less chance marking freshly painted cabinets during the reassembling process if you aren't struggling to get things to fit.

Line everything up during the disassembling process!

adjusting cabinet doors