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Kitchen Cabinet Painting, Edmonton AB

Paint Kitchen Cabinets & Cupboards to Look NEW Again!

Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St Albert, Fort Saskatchewan & area.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting - PAINTING Guys Edmonton, Cold Lake, Bonnyville, St Paul, Vermilion, Lloydminster

Update dark and dated kitchens with an fresh coat of paint!

Paint oak, maple, MDF (solid wood or laminate) kitchen cabinets, cupboards, island or vanities in any colour or shade of white!

Two-tone colours

ūüĆą Unlimited Colours or Combinations - over 3500 colours choices!

two-tone kitchen cabinet painting - Edmonton, Cold Lake, Bonnyville, St Paul, Vermilion, Lloydminster

We don't just spray paint over wood. We meticulously de-grease, scrape, clean, sand old varnish down to clean wood.

Two-tone cabinets Drying

Our process

We remove doors and drawers from all the the cabinets. This process takes no more than a few hours. Once disassembling is done we take everything back to our shop to be sanded down to clean wood, primed and spray painted.

Sanding cabinets is without question the nasty part of kitchen cabinet refinishing. When it comes to health and quality work, proper equipment is essential. PAINTING Guys use State-of-the-art Festool sanders and Hepa air extraction systems in our shop and on location.

Sanding kitchen cabinets - PAINTING Guys Edmonton, Lloydminster, Bonnyville Alberta

How many coats of paint do we apply?

1 coat of primer undercoat and 2 coats of none yellowing acrylic.

Drying racks for doors and drawers.

Freshly painted cabinets need proper drying racks located in a dust free environment to dry and cure. Drying racks are why our kitchen cabinets are factory smooth. No project is too large or small for us.

sprayed cabinets drying - Edmonton, Lloydminster, Bonnyville Alberta

Back in you home...

When it comes to the finishing touches there are always sections beyond spraying doors and drawers that require detailed hand painting. Detailed hand painting is an essential step that ensures everything matches up to the spray finishing.

(crown mouldings, face frames, panels, gables, shelving, inside microwave boxes, behind fridges, kick plate etc).

Kitchen Cabinet Painters Edmonton, Bonnyville, Lloydminister

The Finished Kitchen!

I knew they were going to look good but not this good, WOW!

Kitchen Cabinet Painting - PAINTING Guys - Alberta Canada

Why hire PAINTING Guys?

We have painted hundreds of kitchens over the last 40 years. Our work is beautiful.

See our testimonials.

  • We are¬†locally owned and operated, serving Edmonton and east-central Alberta.
  • Fast - start to finish in 10 days.
  • Affordable - thousand of dollars less than refacing or replacing.
  • Low Impact - no removal of cabinets from walls as there is very little disruption to your kitchen.
  • Clean -no dusty construction (cups, dishes etc do not usually need to be removed).
  • Unlimited Colours - white black, over 3500 colour choices to choose from.

How much does kitchen cabinet painting cost?

The average costs is around $4500 to $6500.

To answer all your questions please call or text: 1-780-815-3039