Satin Finish


Aura is what we recommend

Aura Waterborne Interior Paint - Satin Finish

Features :

  • Extreme hide and coverage
  • Mildew resistant
  • Colour Lock technology for exceptional colour
  • Colours don't rub off when cleaning
  • Stains wash off easily
  • Easy application
  • Paint and primer together
  • Seamless touch-ups
  • Excellent for high-traffic areas
  • Long-lasting, fresh look
  • Easy cleanup
  • Zero VOC*
Benjamin Moore #526 Aura Satin Finish
Benjamin Moore #526 Aura Satin Finish


Painting Trim

Painting Trim

Steady / "hand eye coordination" enables painters to exceed in both speed and how paint flows. Today's paint dries fast, therefore, if you are able to cut lines straight before paint starts to "set", it always has a nicer edge and looks better to tape lines.

Painting trim